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(My PCT starting list, which evolved over the course of the hike and is due for an annotated update…)

The Big 3:
Backpack, shelter, and sleeping system

Backpack: ZPacks Arc Blast 60L backpack with ZPacks pack liner, shoulder pouch, belt pouch 24oz
Shelter (shared weight): homemade Ray Way two-person tarp + two-person extra-large net tent, ZPacks & Gossamer Gear stakes, Tyvek groundsheet 60oz
Sleeping bag: ZPacks 20-degree medium length regular width bag with zipper, ZPacks cuben fiber stuff sack 20.8oz
Sleeping pad: Thermarest Women’s NeoAir X-Lite in stuff sack + Thermarest NeoAir pump sack 15.5oz
Sleeping/sit pad: Gossamer Gear Thinlight 1/8″ insulation pad 3.8oz
Pillow: Exped UL large pillow + Goosefeet Gear 1oz fill cover 4oz
Total weight (with half of the shelter weight) 6.1lbs


Clothing Packed:
All clothes carried (sometimes worn, but not the default hiking outfit)

Insulation/warmth: Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer hooded jacket, Merino Wool Buff, Icebreaker Sierra gloves 9.9oz
Sleeping/”always dry” clothes: Polar Edge synthetic long underwear top & bottom, Sol socks, Sea to Summit Ultrasil 8L bag 13.9oz
Spare clothes: Icebreaker Dart shorts, SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini socks, REI silk liner socks, Ibex Balance sports bra, Patagonia Barely Hipster briefs, spare bandanna, Eclipse sun sleeves, Icebreaker Quantum arm warmers, Sea to Summit Ultrasil Nano 8L bag 15.9oz
Rain gear: Outdoor Research Helium II hooded rain jacket, Sierra Designs Isotope Nano rain pants, Mountain Laurel Designs eVent rain mitts, mesh bag 12.7oz
Camp shoes: Target flip-flops 4.7oz
Total weight 3.6lbs



Drinking: 3L Platypus reservoir with inline Sawyer mini filter, 2L Platypus reservoir, 1L Nalgene bottle, 2nd Sawyer mini with squeeze bag + plunger (shared) 11.6oz
Eating: Ursack, 2 Opsaks, REI Campware long spoon 11.1oz
Cooking (shared weight): Olicamp Kinetic Ultra Titanium Stove, small fuel canister, Evernew Titanium pot, homemade freezer bag cozy, homemade windscreen/heat reflector, REI 8oz camp cup, lighter 19oz
Total weight (with half of stove weight) 2lbs



Morning/night supplies: Toothbrush, toothpaste/tooth powder, deodorant piece, floss, toenail clippers, misc 9.3oz
On-trail supplies: Purell, sunscreen, campsuds, ibuprofen, eye drops, chapstick, Trail Toes 9.8oz
Glasses, spare daily contacts and earplugs in Crystal Light case 3.2oz
P-style in pouch, pee rag on mitten hook 1.3oz
Wet wipes and Boudreaux’s Butt Paste in Aloksak bag 1.7oz
Total weight 1.6lbs



Tech: Petzl E-lite headlamp; iPhone 6 in waterproof case with mini tripod, mount, and Ampridge Mighty Mic; iPod nano + Apple headphone; cables and charger; Leef iBridge USB/lightning stick for iPhone photo backup; iGo bluetooth keyboard; monocular scope; Aloksak waterproof bags; Think Tank pouch 1.95lbs
Misc: Wallet, pocket knife, Photon Micro Light II, pen, sharpie, tiny notebook, styrofoam ball for massage, mesh bag 3.8oz
Hiking Poles: Gossamer Gear LT3C poles 5.4oz
Hiking Umbrella: GoLite Chrome Dome 8oz
Homemade silnylon bucket 2oz
Total weight 3.2lbs




Clothing Worn:
Basic hiking outfit, not counted in base weight

SmartWool NTS Micro 150 T-shirt, Coolibar Trail Pants, Shock Absorber Flexiwire sports bra, Ibex Balance briefs, SmartWool PhD Outdoor Light Mini socks, REI silk liner socks, Dirty Girl gaiters, bandanna 1.2lbs
Altra Lone Peak II shoes with SuperFeet berry insoles 1.4lbs
Total worn weight 2.6lbs