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Wonderland Trail: Day 10


Another morning of watching the sun creep down trees from the comfort of a warm sleeping bag.

The trail today brings so much uphill, with so many bugs. Also: so many wildflowers, with so many beautiful mountain views.

We’re at Eagle’s Roost by mid-afternoon and have our pick among the campsites perched along the hillside. There’s a partial view of Rainier through the tall trees.

We backtrack to take the side trip to Spray Falls and rinse off in the river. Back at the campsite afterwards, the hammock is still a winner. These are not the thru-hiking days I’m used to, when I’m cramming in as many miles as possible while the sun’s up. But I’m not complaining.

After dinner, sitting in camp watching the sunset light in the trees, I work up the courage to pull out the homemade cardboard ‘diamond’ I cut out of a Diamond Crystal salt box and carried with me from Oakland, and I ask Andrea to marry me. He says yes.

Monday, July 26, 2021
6.1 miles on the Spray Park Alternate: rough (under)estimate of 2,800′ up, 1,200′ down
Carbon River Camp to Eagle’s Roost Camp

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