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Tahoe Rim Trail: Day 11

The triumphant conclusion.

The price I pay for epic views on an exposed ridge is that my tent bashes me in the head all night because of the wind, which has uprooted the stakes on one side. It was totally worth it.

I pack up and walk a tiny bit to make coffee at the far more reasonable, sheltered sites among some trees, just ahead. (The ridge was still totally worth it.) I’ve only got 11.4 miles to go today, basically all of it downhill, but all I have left is chocolate snacks. I love me some chocolate, but I’m all about having a variety of salty, sweet, and tart snacks to shovel into my face as I walk. #hikerproblems

Side note: Mile 160.3 has a great campsite with a killer view of Lake Tahoe.

I’m nearing trailheads, so I see lots of day hikers and folks heading in for the weekend: two older, very happy backpackers and then two guys grimacing their way uphill, one with leather boat shoes tied to his pack.

It’s a long downhill plunge through forest and meadows and across streams and then on a dirt road along the outskirts of Tahoe City. At the last tenth of a mile I hit a construction detour around what I assume will eventually be a lovely path along the Truckee River but right now is mostly orange netting.

At 1pm I reach the trailhead and I’m finished! I’m dirty and smelly but triumphant.

Hike stats: 171 miles in ten days of hiking plus one zero day. All eight nights on trail were dry-camping, solo sites. No major gear failures. Lots of wildfire smoke.

tl;dr – The Tahoe Rim Trail is spectacular! Go hike it! Join the Tahoe Rim Trail Association! Join a trail crew! Enjoy!

Trail company: backpackers, day hikers, construction equipment
Lesson learned: Solo backpacking can be fun!

  • Thursday, August 30, 2018
  • 11.4 miles / ~ 700′ ascent, 2,800′ descent
  • Mile 159.4 to Mile 170.8

4 comment on “Tahoe Rim Trail: Day 11

  • Nathan
    2020-05-13 | 4:10 PM

    Thanks for posting your hike! Seems like an awesome trip. I’m considering doing the TRT this Aug/Sept as a first longer thru-hike. I’ve been wondering though: I’m thinking about switching to a non-freestanding trekking pole tent. Do you think I’d have any trouble staking it out along the TRT?

    • Bucket
      2020-06-30 | 4:06 PM

      Hi Nathan! I used a trekking-pole-rigged tarp on my PCT hike and never had a problem (other than in high winds in SoCal). I don’t think there are any long stretches on the TRT where you would have trouble staking it out. At worst, you’d need to use rocks to secure your lines. Happy (and COVID-safe) hiking!

  • Cuben
    2021-04-12 | 5:14 PM

    Read this whole report, plus the info in the TRT Planning and Logistics post. Really enjoyed it and appreciate it. I also want to hit the CT but I can’t get the time away so I’ll do this trail this summer.

    • Bucket
      2021-04-12 | 9:19 PM

      Glad it was helpful, thanks for reading 🙂 The TRT is a really great hike. (And the CT is on my list, too!)

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