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Tahoe Rim Trail: Day 8

Mo' walking, mo' views, mostly.

(Continuing TRT posts, only a year and a half behind schedule…)

Today was the least scenic, most utilitarian day so far. Which on the TRT means that it was still plenty damn scenic, just not continually jaw-on-the-dirt scenic. (The Nevada side spoiled me.) I hiked downhill for a while and then walked uphill for a while. I did exciting things like pee in an outhouse and throw trash away in a trash can.

Morning smoke over Lake Tahoe
Round Lake. Meh?
Looking south from where the TRT meets the PCT north of Carson Pass

In the afternoon I hit the spot where the Tahoe Rim Trail meets up and overlaps for a bit with the Pacific Crest Trail—which is also the southernmost point on the TRT, where it turns and heads back north up the western side of Lake Tahoe. It makes me happy to be back on the PCT. There are so many spots that I recognize and remember vividly—snack breaks, views, campsites.

Guthook’s app!

I’ve now hiked across state lines into two new states in addition to Oregon and Washington: Nevada and California (which I’ve of course hiked in before, but never inTO).

Tell me this isn’t the tree from the PCT logo.

After a ten-hour day (6:45am to 4:45pm) I pick a spot based on the topo map and walk off-trail to find a campsite. I wander a bit before setting up my tent in some boulders with a view back towards the eastern side of the trail. Dry camping at stealth sites may be my new favorite way to camp.

Trail company: day hikers, backpackers (including other thru-hikers), one dog, one snake, two marmots, lots of angry squirrels
Lesson learned: Even the “boring” days on the TRT are beautiful.

  • Monday, August 27, 2018
  • 18.7 miles / ~ 2,885′ ascent,  3,560′ descent
  • Mile 96 to Mile 114.7
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