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Tahoe Rim Trail: Day 6

Zero Day in Stateline

Today is a zero day: no hiking, just a few town errands to take care of and then the rest is relaxation and eating. The zero day doesn’t feel entirely necessary (or earned) on this relatively short thru-hike, but it sure is nice all the same.

I sleep in, drink coffee, deal with some emails, have chai and a croissant at a coffeehouse. Walking in the weeds along the highway towards the town center, I have the familiar feeling of being a hiker in town—on foot in an auto-based world, looking for fellow hikers with our filthy but expensive gear.

Stateline is one of those resort/casino towns full of Americans going through the motions of Being On Vacation—convincing themselves that by wandering between souvenir shops and overpriced restaurants they are Having Fun and Making Memories. I navigate through the crowds to the movie theater, where I settle blissfully into the air-conditioned darkness with a giant cup of Dr Pepper and a pint of ice cream, ready for some Crazy Rich Asians escapism.

The smoke has moved into town while I was in the theater. I do my errands (Blister care! Cheap flip-flops! A block of cheese! Doritos!) and then head back to the Airbnb for food sorting (assisted by Kane’s sweet dog Buddy).

The rest of the evening is all about TV, hot tub, and hydrating.

  • August 25, 2018
  • 0 trail miles
  • Stateline, Nevada (at TRT Mile 78.1)
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