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PCT Days 1 & 2

As during the first visit to a foreign country, all the details at the start of this trail feel vivid and noteworthy. The dozens of different flowers we’ve seen so far in the desert. Every small change in the landscape as we crest a hill or turn a corner. All the hikers’ brand new gear. How clean everyone looks.

Wednesday morning at 7AM, Girlscout dropped us off at PCT Mile 0. The monument at the southern terminus—a group of wooden posts marking the official start (or end, for northbounders) of the Pacific Crest Trail—is up on a small hill, about 20 or 30 feet from the border fence. I’ve seen countless pictures of the monument and the fence behind taken by other hikers starting their treks, but I had no idea that the view in the other direction—north—was so beautiful. I’ve never backpacked through desert before, so it’s been surprising to me how appealing the landscape is. I had been picturing a dry wasteland, but it’s more varied—and far greener—than I’d expected.


So we took pictures, signed the trail register, went to touch the border fence, turned around, and started walking. 

Hoooooly shit, we’re actually doing this.

There was a big crowd that started walking right before we did—the group who stayed with Scout and Frodo the previous night—so within a few miles we were leapfrogging with them. We’d pass someone while they were taking a break, then soon enough they’d do the same to us. 

The Mexican border felt (and was, of course) very close during the first day. We saw Border Patrol trucks parked along dirt roads and helicopters cruising overhead. We passed discarded shirts and empty water bottles—even one entire set of clothes, including cowboy boots, left in a pile behind some bushes. 


The hiking itself has been good so far. The weather has been nice and cool, highs only in the 70s. The trail is actually very easy trail, smooth and gentle—we’re just not in trail shape yet, and a gap of 19 miles between reliable water sources means that I started Day 1 with seven liters of water. That’s over fifteen pounds of water weight, more than double what I would normally carry. All that water plus four days’ worth of food (at about two pounds a day) and my pack was 39 pounds. (I aim to keep it under 30.) That translates into more aches and pains… but I’d be feeling those anyway. 

Our hiking plan is analogous to the marathon/half-marathon plan we’ve followed: start off slow—slower than you feel you need to—so that you don’t injure or tire yourself out before the end. I’m definitely most worried about physical injuries potentially forcing me off trail (rather than, say, bear attacks or changing my mind about this whole hiking thing), so the goal is to avoid doing too many miles too quickly. We hiked 15.4 miles on the first day (a few more than planned), and 10.6 miles on the second—which definitely still feels like a lot of miles, but is less than the 20 per day that we’ll need to average in order to make it to Canada before snow in Washington makes the trail impassable. 

But it’s fun! We’ve been hiking in a conga line of 20 or so hikers for these first two days. Our first night we camped in a group of ten, with another eight or ten people nearby, and tonight we’re in a campground at Mile 26 that is almost entirely populated by thru-hikers. It’s definitely a crowd, but a very friendly, happy crowd.


Day 1: Mile 0.0 to 15.4 (Hauser not-a-Creek)
Day 2: Mile 15.4 to 26 (Boulder actually-some-water-Creek Oaks Campground)

10 comment on “PCT Days 1 & 2

  • Diette
    2015-04-09 | 11:51 PM

    Yay, Clare!

    I have a million questions but will limit myself to three (not that you have to answer them, but I’m just curious!):
    – How are you posting these updates? Are you carrying an iPad? And is there wifi at camp sites?
    – What kind of device are you using to track how far you walk?
    – Are you counting down the days until you get a shower?

    Already looking forward to the next update! Pulling for you!

    • Maryann
      2015-04-10 | 6:05 PM

      Diette the reporter strikes again.
      But yeah. Tell us.

  • Lauren D.
    2015-04-10 | 7:16 AM

    I know I’m going to enjoy reading this! I had the same question about how you’re able to update the blog on the trail.

  • jeff
    2015-04-10 | 9:06 AM

    You folks are so badass. Love the updates!

  • Becky Bartlein
    2015-04-10 | 9:19 AM

    This is so fabulous! So excited you are doing this and looove the updates. You go girl!

  • Clare
    2015-04-10 | 8:57 PM

    The short answers to the questions above are:
    A surprising amount of Verizon cell coverage

    More soon! Questions are welcome and encouraged, keep ’em coming!

    • Clare
      2015-04-10 | 8:58 PM

      iPhone apps
      Yes yes yes

      • Diette
        2015-04-13 | 2:03 PM

        You’re writing these thoughtful, well-written posts on an iPhone?! #impressed #clareisawesome

        • Clare
          2015-04-13 | 2:05 PM

          Oh, but with a little fold-out Bluetooth keyboard. Ain’t no way my thumbs can do all that work!

          • Diette
            2015-04-13 | 2:16 PM

            You’ve thought of everything, haven’t you? I guess you had to.

            So glad you’re writing – this is fascinating. There’s nothing else I’d rather read during my girl’s 2 a.m. feeding 🙂

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